Independent courses:

EC 390: Issues and Problems in Developing Economies

EC 320: Introduction to Econometrics

EC 380: International Economic Issues

Student Comments

"Tobias was great at making the class interesting and has a great head for both economics and teaching, There wasn't really any problems and everyone could tell he truly cares about his students. He is the only professor that received a round of applause from the classes I took this year. Tobias is the man."

  • EC 380: International Economic Issues; Winter 2019

"Professor Tobias is a wonderful teacher. He is always open to questions and flexible for after class help. He is clearly passionate about what he teaches and it makes the class more engaging. He brings real life studies and it is really interesting. I would recommend taking his class to my peers."

  • EC 390: Problems and Issues in Developing Economies; Winter 2018

"The instructor is very effective in delivering his message to the class. One extremely effective thing he does is use a variety of examples, just to make sure the concept is well understood. He is very respectful, and consistently encourages students, even if they make mistakes."

  • EC 320: Introduction to Econometrics; Fall 2018

"The explanations were really great and helpful when learning the material. I really began to understand statistics in a different, more beneficial way in this course. I would have done better in my statistics class if you would have taught and explained the material. "

  • EC 320: Introduction to Econometrics; Summer 2018

"I love how you had this class organized. You were always available and emailed back within a couple hours every time. I really appreciate the effort you put in this course. Also for telling us what to study rather than tricking us on tests. I felt like I actually learned things better that way! Overall you actually are one of my all time favorite professors I've had (and I'm done after next term). Keep doing you!"

  • EC 390: Problems and Issues in Developing Economies; Fall 2017